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Spoken English

105 Daily Use English Sentences with Hindi / English Speaking Practice / English with Mansoor

1. Is Sameer good?

2. With whom are kids?

3. You are very good.

4. Papa was with Sahil.

5. Children were ahead of me.

6. That is my friend.

7. Where was this girl?

8. I am here because of you.

9. He had a book.

10. What do they have?

11. Mom doesn't have rupees.

12. Whose brother is Raju?

13. Which girl's father is that man?

14. Whose is that house?

15. He is taller than you.

16. From which country are you?

17. In which city are you?

18. Do you have some water?

19. Do you have a mobile?

20. Who am I?

21. What is that?

22. Who was standing behind me?

23. I am sitting in the class.

24. How old are his sons?

25. You are my youngest brother.

26. This is my love for you.

27. What is her name?

28. This story is someone else's.

29. She was tired.

30. Mohan is asleep.

31. We were sitting under the tree.

32. Why are you standing here?

33. What is there on that table?

34. You are near about Noida.

35. I am not there in this photograph.

36. Since when is he in the office?

37. Until when were you in the office?

38. What is there in my bag?

39. He has nothing.

40. I have some torn clothes.

41. I was hidden behind the tree.

42. These children are mine.

43. This is not yours.

44. She is my cat.

45. This cat is yours.

46. This is my book.

47. This book is of mine.

48. We are yours.

49. I was there with you at every moment.

50. How much petrol is there in the car?

51. How much money do you have?

52. In which city are you at this time?

53. I am alive only for you.

54. My son was lost somewhere.

55. I am lost in your dreams.

56. Mobile is kept on the table.

57. I was scared.

58. How many children are there at this time?

59. My friend was awake at 2.

60. His father was drunk.

61. You are my close friend.

62. It is written.

63. It is written in the Qur'an.

64. Beggar's clothes were torn.

65. Did you have something?

66. We have something new.

67. For whom were you there?

68. He is stopped for you.

69. You were inside the home.

70. Amit is standing beside me.

71. Don't ask me again.

72. Why are our desires these many?

73. Why are you so?

74. Who has money?

75. Don't you have mind?

76. This broken heart is mine.

77. How many sons does she have?

78. You are worse than I.

79. Is he better than I?

80. I am in love with you.

81. How do you have this much money?

82. Relations are beautiful.

83. This is someone else.

84. This is something else.

85. Which one is your mobile?

86. Whose is the mobile?

87. Who is behind you?

88. Who doesn't have money?

89. For what are you unhappy?

90. Until when was he in this place?

91. I was standing in front of you.

92. I was standing just in front of you.

93. Which girl's father was standing there?

94. I am crazy for piano.

95. How many people are there?

96. Where is my pen kept?

97. What is the time by your watch?

98. You both are the best.

99. We all are with you.

100. Who am I to you?

101. Who is he to you?

102. Who is she to you?

103. I am your lover.

104. I like you very much.

105. Two and two make four.


Spoken English with the Halima / the Halima education English daily Use sentence with Hindi

सुबह को (in the morning)


नमस्ते, पिताजी।

Good morning, father.


नमस्ते श्रीमान।

Good morning, sir.


दोपहर को (in the afternoon)


नमस्ते, पिताजी।

Good afternoon, father.


नमस्ते श्रीमान।

Good afternoon, sir.


शाम को (in the evening)


नमस्ते पिताजी।

Good evening.


नमस्ते श्रीमान।

Good afternoon, sir. 


रात को आखरी मुलाकात पर (at night)


शुभ रात्रि।

Good night.


किसी से मिलने पर


आपसे मिलकर अच्छा लगा।

Nice meeting you.


आपसे मिलकर खुशी हुई।

Pleased to meet you.


(Informal Greetings)


हाय राहुल! Hi Rahul!


हाय अमित! Hi Amit!


हैलो चाचा! Hello uncle!


हैलो सर! Hello sir!


हैलो मिसिज रानी! Hello Mrs. Rani.


अच्छा मैडम, चलते हैं। Good day to you, madam!


अच्छा चलते हैं, बच्चों! Goodbye, children!


अच्छा! Bye, bye!


चलते हैं, प्यारों! Farewell dear!


अच्छा, फिर मिलेंगे! Bye, see you later.


कृपया। Please.


मुझे इजाज़त दो। Allow me.


धन्यवाद! Thanks!


पहले आप। After you.


माफ़ी चाहते हैं। Pardon.


ठीक है। That's all right.


स्वागत Welcome


माफ़ी Sorry


कृपया करके Kindly


सुनिए ज़रा। Excuse me.


एक गिलास पानी। One glass water.


ज़रा मोबाईल देना। Please give me your mobile.


क्या बजा है? What is the time?


हां, Yes नहीं No


अपना पेन देना। Give me your pen.


अपनी किताब देना। Give me your book.


अपना मोबाईल देना। Give me your mobile.


एक गिलास पानी देना। Give me a glass of water.


हां, मैं पी सकता हूं। Yes, I can drink.


हां, मैं पी लूंगा। Yes, I will drink.


इन बातों को अच्छे अंदाज़ में कहना हो तो ऐसे कहें।


Please, give me your pen.


Please, give me your book.


Please, give me your mobile.


Please, give me a glass of water.


या फिर ऐसे।


May I have your pen, please?


A glass of water, please.


Time, please?


Yes, please.


What is the time, please?


May I borrow your book, please?


बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया आपका।

Many many thanks to you.

या Thanks a lot.

या Thank you very much.

या Thank you so much.


सब ठीक है। It's all right. या That's all right.


कोई बात नहीं। No mention.

या It's fine.

या It's ok.

या My pleasure.

या Welcome.

या You are welcome.


क्या मैं आपकी मदद कर सकता हूं?

May I help you? या Can I help you?


क्या मैं अंदर आ सकता हूं?

May I come in?


ऊंचा बोलो। मुझे सुनाई नहीं देता।

Pardon या I beg your pardon.


पहले आप। After you.


जैसे आपकी मर्ज़ी। As you please.


क्या आप धीरे बोलेंगे? 

Will you please speak slowly?


मुझे बड़ा दुःख है। I am very sorry.


मुझे थोड़ी देर हो गई। 

I got a little late.


इसे अपना ही समझो।

It's all yours.


आराम से बैठो।

Please make yourself comfortable.


क्या तुम मुझे बैठने दोगे?

Will you please let me sit?


मुझे बोलने दें, प्लीज़।

Let me speak, please.


माफ कीजिए। Excuse me.


ऐसा गलती से हो गया।

It was all by mistake.


आपकी इजाज़त हो तो कहूं।

Please allow me to say.


क्या आप थोड़ा उधर हो जायेंगे?

Will you please mave a bit?


कृपया ध्यान दो।

May I have your attention, please.


ज़रा धीरे बोलो। Speak slowly.


मेरी तरफ देखो। Look at me.


ब्लैक बोर्ड की तरफ देखो। 

Look at the blackboard.


मेरी बात सुनो। Listen to me.


आपसे मिलकर खुशी हुई।

Glad to meet you.


मैं पूरी कोशिश करूंगा।

I will try my level best.


लीजिए। Please help yourself.


कष्ट के लिए माफ़ करें।

Sorry for inconvenience.


उम्मीद है आप मज़े में होंगे।

Hope you are enjoying yourself.


आप अच्छे लग रहे हो।

You are looking handsome.


आप बहुत अच्छी लग रही हो।

You are looking so beautiful.


मैं आपकी कैसे मदद कर सकता हूं?

How can I help you?


कृपया बैठिए। Please sit.


कृपया बैठिए तो सही। Please do sit.


Thanks and Regards 


Learn to translate into Hindi / English into Hindi / learn translation with Halima Mansoor

Tommy looked at her with very superior eyes. Because it's not our kind of school, stupid. This is the old kinTommy looked at her with very superior eyes. Because it's not our kind of school, stupid. This is the old kind of school that they had hundreds and hundreds of years ago." He added loftily, pronouncing the word carefully, "Centuries ago."

Margie was hurt. "Well, I don't know what kind of school they had all that time ago." She read the book over his shoulder for a while, then said, "Anyway, they had a teacher." 

"Sure they had a teacher, but it wasn't a regular teacher. It was a man."

"A man? How could a man be a teacher?"

"Well, he just told the boys and girls things and gave them homework and asked them questions."

(टॉमी ने उसे अच्छी निगाहों से देखा। "क्योंकि यह हमारे स्कूल जैसा नहीं है, बेवकूफ। यह पुराने ज़माने का स्कूल है जो कई सौ साल पहले हुआ करता था।" उसने अच्छे से उस शब्द का दोबारा उच्चारण किया "शताब्दियों पहले।"

मार्गी को बुरा लगा। "खैर, मुझे मालूम नहीं कि उस वक्त उनके स्कूल किस प्रकार के होते थे।" उसने उसके कंधे से ऊपर झांककर कुछ देर तक किताब को पढ़ा, फिर कहा, "वैसे उनके एक शिक्षक थे।"

"बिलकुल उनके शिक्षक थे, लेकिन वो नियमित शिक्षक नहीं थे। वह एक इंसान थे।"

"एक इंसान? एक इंसान कैसे शिक्षक हो सकता है?"

"वाकई, वह सिर्फ लड़के और लड़कियों को चीज़ों के बारे में बताते थे और उन्हें घर का काम देते थे और उनसे सवाल पूछा करते थे।")


Very Important Daily Use Sentences with Hindi / Commonly Daily Use Sentences / English Speaking Prac

Daily use English Sentences in Home

1. Good Morning!

2. Hello Uncle!

3. May God bless you!

4. How are you?

5. Excuse me.

6. I am sorry!

7. It’s my pleasure.

8. That is alright.

9. What is going on?

10. Everything is fine.

11. I am on the way.

12. Do you speak English?

13. What are you doing?

14. Anything else.

15. Stop Kidding!

16. Please keep quiet.

17. Pleased to meet you. 

18. Bye, See you again!

19. As you please.

20. How dare you say that!

21. Can you please repeat that?

22. Hurrah! I have won.

23. What an idea!

24. Thanks for this honour.

25. No, not at all.

26. That is too much.

27. Doesn’t matter.

28. Walk slowly.

29. Mind your own business.

30. Think before you speak.

31. I love you, mummy.

32. Could you bring me a glass of water.

33. Leave me alone.

34. I will get up early in the morning.

35. She is not my cousin sister.

36. Where is your father?

37. They are my friends.

38. I am going to the playground.

39. It is very hot today. Isn’t it?

40. I want more money.

41. I am sick.

42. I remember everything.

43. Have a heart.

44. Don’t cut jokes.

45. Did you miss your bus?

46. I missed my school bus.

47. I just made it.

48. I love to play video games.

49. I apologize.

50. Thank you mother, bye.

51. Good morning!

52. Good day to you, Sir!

53. He is still not well.

54. Well done! Keep it up!

55. I will call you later.

56. I will catch you soon.

57. Please give me your hand.

58. Get out of my sight.

59. I did not understand.

60. What do you mean?

61. What are you talking about?

62. Could you stay away from my stuff?

63. I am very sorry.

64. I am feeling tired today

65. It’s none of your business.

66. I don’t know. 

67. We both like each other.

68. Come quickly.

69. Talk to you later.

70. Thank You very much.

71. What is your problem?

72. Can I ask you something?

73. It was nice meeting you.

74. How are you?

75. What is going on?

76. What are your likes and dislikes?

77. Sorry for the inconvenience.

78. What can I do for you?

79. Will you please help me with this?

80. This is not a joke.

81. Stop kidding.

82. What is happening here?

83. Everything is fine.

84. Did you get my point?

85. What do you want from me?

86. How old are you?

87. Where is your office?

88. Get ready to go to school.

89. I will try my level best.

90. Are you joining us?

91. I am very pleased to meet you.

92. You are my responsibility.

93. This is not fair.

94. What are you doing today?

95. Please say something.

96. I will come again.

97. What would you like to have?

98. Thank you for inviting us.

99. It’s my pleasure.

100. Thank you for the advice.

101. Thank you, visit again.


Thanks and Regards




Active and Passive Sentences / Active se Passive Kaise Banate hain / How to make Active Passive Sent

Active and Passive Sentences Kaise Banaye?

Active: I love him.

Passive: He is loved by me.


Active: He bought a book.

Passive: A book was bought by him.


Active: She will help me.

Passive: I shall be helped by her.


Active: They are eating mangoes.

Passive: Mangoes are being eaten by them.


Active: We were drinking milk.

Passive: Milk was being drunk by us.


Active: I have read this book.

Passive: This book has been read by me.


Active: She had eaten the apple.

Passive: The apple had been eaten by her.


Active: He will have killed a bird.

Passive: A bird will have been killed by him.


Active: Do they like it?

Passive: Is it liked by them?


Active: Why did he sell the cow?

Passive: Why was the cow sold by him?


Active: Sell off this bike.

Passive: Let this bike be sold off.


Active: Tell him to wait.

Passive: Let him be told to wait.


Active: Please help me.

Passive: You are requested to help me.


Active: They must obey the captain.

Passive: The captain must be obeyed by them.


Active: No one lives in the house.

Passive: The house is lived in by no one.


Active: Please go to school.

Passive: You are requested to go to school.


Active: Please give him a book.

Passive: You are requested to give him a book.


Active: Obey the rules of the road.

Passive: You are advised to obey the rules of the road.


Active: He is to help me.

Passive: I am to be helped by him.


Active: I was to help him.

Passive: He was to be helped by me.


Active: We have to help him.

Passive: He has to be helped by us.


Active: He should help her.

Passive: She should be helped by him.


Active: I can help him.

Passive: He can be helped by me.


Thanks and Regards!


Word meaning / Hindi English word meaning / Vocabulary / English Spoken

Word Meanings

1. What क्या, जो

2. Why क्यों

3. When कब, जब

4. Where कहां, जहां

5. How कैसे

6. Who कौन, किसने, जो

7. Which कौनसा, कौनसी

8. Whose किसका, जिसका

9. Whom किसको, जिसको

10. How many कितने, कितना 

11. How much कितना, कितने

12. Until when कब तक 

13. Since when कब से

14. From when कब से

15. For how long कब से




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