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NCERT Class 5

Ncert English solutions class 5 / class 5 ncert English solutions / English solutions of ncert

NCERT Solutions Class 5th 

Ice cream man 

Questions and Answers

1. In which season is ice cream popular?


In the Summer season, ice cream is popular.


2. Who feels joyful on seeing the Ice-cream Man?


On seeing the ice cream Man, children feel joyful.


3. Name the different flavours of ice cream the Ice-cream Man has in his cart


Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are the flavours of ice cream, the ice cream Man has in his cart.


4. What are the two things that the Ice-cream Man is selling?


The two things the ice cream Man is selling are ice cream and chilled drinks from the bottles of frosty – fizz.


5. What is the ice-cream cart compared to in the poem?


A flower bed has been compared with an ice cream cart in the poem.


Wonderful Waste


1. What were the preparations in the palace for?


There were preparations for a grand feast in the palace.


2. Why did the Maharaja go into the kitchen in the afternoon?


The Maharaja went into the kitchen in the afternoon to survey the dishes that had been prepared for the feast.


3. What had the cook planned to do with the vegetable scraps?


The cook planned to throw away the vegetable scraps considering it as waste.



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